Sunday, January 30, 2005

Feel Like I'm Writing for Nothing -

It looks like I am down to writing about once a week. I had another idea this week but I did not act on it so here it is Sunday and I should be doing a ton of stuff for the coming week, but I really do feel the need to check in. The problem is, it is hard to find the motivation when I am pretty postive that no one is reading this stuff, and perhaps it's not worth reading. It has all been said before elsewhere, and better. the reason I even thought about doing this is that I do not understand why the education community is not up in arms about what NCLB and the Business Round Table and all of the other anti public school forces are trying to do. How can we just stand by and watch free public education die in front of our eyes? Why are not we fighting back in force? Perhaps we do not know how. Perhaps we do not believe that it is happening. Wake up! It is happenning! This is a call for organizing. How? I do not know. I am looking to you, if you are out there, for some ideas. Help!

If you are still in doubt, or just would like to read more check out the great series on The Buffalo Report on The Privatization of Public Education by Bernadette Medige. (Scroll to the bottom for all the links.) And do me a favor, if you read this let me know, and tell one other person about our site or our blog. This is real and we must do something!

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