Thursday, June 16, 2005

Nathan Greeno, Strategic Process Consultant: Troops to Teacher Initiative Launched (NCLB) --

From Google comes this recent press release.

Nathan Greeno, the president and CEO of Drawing Board Consulting Group continues his strategic facilitation role with the No Child Left Behind funded Troops to Teacher Initiative. In San Antonio Texas earlier this month Nathan and the Leadership Team of the newly formed Western States Certification Consortium ( officially launched the beginning of the candidate recruitment phase...

..The Western States Certification Consortium (WSCC) for Troops-to-Teachers, a multistate organization, supports collaborative alternative certification pathways for U.S. armed forces service members transitioning to the teaching profession. Through training referral, job placement assistance and mentoring guidance as a career service, WSCC provides service members with professional career assistance and access to alternative and regionally approved distance delivered options to certification in all the member states...

Nathan Greeno, President of Drawing Board, is a Strategic Process Consultant and an Organizational Learning Expert. His focus is maximizing return on human capital investment. He works with fortune 500 companies, higher education institutions and the American Council on Education Corporate Programs specializing in Organizational Learning Strategy, Alignment and Measures...

Nathan Greeno, Strategic Process Consultant and Organizational Learning Expert, maximizes your return on human capital investment.)

Now my translation: If you live in a western state why would you want to hire a teacher trained in some LIBERAL university or college teacher training program when we, Corporate America can provide you with alternatively trained teachers with conservative values? (Pay no attention to the fact that recent research shows that alternatively trained teachers do not do as good a job.) And who could be more conservative than a former G.I trained by us? This is so important that we hired a high paid, slick and shiny consultant to get the word out paid for by a $2 million No Child Left Behind grant. Help us do our best to keep those Red States red.

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