Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Here is another right on editorial from Pennsylvania, this one from the Patriot News Sunday, September 25, 2005, via Penn Live.

The author nails it at the end:

We have no quarrel with the basic thrust of No Child Left Behind. It seeks to raise the level of academic accomplishment in the nation's schools and hold those accountable that fail to do so.

But this is a Herculean task that comes down to helping one child at a time to overcome whatever educational, social, physical and mental difficulties he or she may face on the road to becoming an educated individual. This task, to succeed, begins long before the child shows up at school to begin kindergarten. Parental instruction and encouragement, plus pre-school education, that launches the learning process early and readies children for the challenge they face when they reach school, are critical.

It's wrong to put all the pressure on the schools to get it right. As parents and citizens, it is in our own best interests to give those schools that are making every effort to improve student achievement our support, encouragement and help.

Likewise, in our concern for the shortcomings of a few, we shouldn't neglect to recognize and commend those who performed at or above expectations. Congratulations to those students and schools that met the challenge.

Jack here again, Lately I have been reading that even though there is a huge outcry against NCLB there is little chance of getting rid of it or even of changing it very much. We must rid ourselves of this attitude. There is everything wrong with this law and we must either drastically change it or rescind it.

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