Saturday, October 15, 2005

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style="font-size:85%;">The Test Puts Children In Their Place--And They Know It


And so the sorting begins, as does the training of children to accept the place they are assigned.

Boston Grandpa: Honey, how is first grade?

Child: I don't know yet. My teacher hasn't corrected my DIBELS test--to see which group I belong in.

DIBELS™Kindergarten Grade Classroom Set


Comment: Here's the premise: The kindergartner takes this test and then everybody will know if he'll pass the federally-imposed, high stakes third grade reading test. This is being marketing as assessing the vital signs of students' reading health. Heretofore, vital signs referred to the pulse rate, temperature, and respiratory rate of an individual. Now, by corporate-politico mandate, it means how fast a five-year-old child can decipher such stuff as

hoj rij ad bol em
buv haj en wof loj
tuc rul vab fum han
hol mun yud dav dub

National Clout of DIBELS Test Draws Scrutiny: Critics say reading tool's scope fails to justify its broad use.

And on and on. This is a site to watch. Bookmark it and visit often.

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