Thursday, February 23, 2006

Under No Child Left Behind, States Submit Growth Model Proposals, Outside Peer Reviewers Selected

Ms. Spellings is at it again. It seems that my fair state A;aska is one of the states, us being a good conservative Republican state, being considered for the "growth model." This is supposed to be a big consession but read further:

Growth models...must be based on the following seven principles of No Child Left Behind:

  • Ensure that all students are proficient by 2014 and set annual state goals to ensure that the achievement gap is closing for all groups of students;
  • Set expectations for annual achievement based upon meeting grade-level proficiency and not upon student background or school characteristics;
  • Hold schools accountable for student achievement in reading/language arts and mathematics;
  • Ensure that all students in tested grades are included in the assessment and accountability system, hold schools and districts accountable for the performance of each student subgroup, and include all schools and districts;
  • Include assessments, in each of grades 3 through 8 and high school, in both reading/language arts and mathematics that have been operational for more than one year and have received approval through the NCLB standards and assessment review process for the 2005-06 school year. The assessment system must also produce comparable results from grade to grade and year to year;
  • Track student progress as part of the state data system; and
  • Include student participation rates and student achievement as separate academic indicators in the state accountability system.
Nothing has changed. The system is still set up for failure. The aim is still privatization. It is beyond time for everyone to stand up to this attack on our public school system.

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Frances said...

So what's the big deal? Shouldn't all schools, its teachers, parents and students be held accountable?
Get over it already!
NCLB wouldn't be happening, forced upon the 'public' educational system if what the 'public' educational system was doing already and in the past, acually worked. Something had to happen, what did public schools expect?
As a parent, I am not happy that my chid's teacher, 'teachs to the test'.
Because my chid 'CAN'!!!
He isn't getting left behind because he can't read, write and do his math. He is getting left behind because he is GT and since he is 'good to go' resources that once stimulated his mind have been taken to teach to those who can't.
Oh, but it is for the better good is it not? This is all fine and good, only give me the option as a parent to take what funds would normally be given to my child's school on a daily basis, just for him being there, to put toward tuition in a school that can provide the environment that he needs to continue his acceleration.
Nothing against public school education, I was a teacher there once too.