Monday, April 17, 2006

Examining Dibels: What It is and What It Does

From O'hanian and friends, a book you might want multiple copies of, to pass out and spread the word...
The Vermont Society for the Study of Education, a group small in number but very large in spirit, has launched a full frontal assault on DIBELS, the first part of an offensive against Reading First and against NCLB.
A slim 57 page book edited by Ken Goodman, this document challenges the federally-imposed regimen that demeans and diminishes teacher professionalism and harms children.

Examining Dibels: What It is and What It Does

Table of Contents:

  • Preface DIBELS: One Family's Journey, Lisa Laser

  • A Critical Review of DIBELS, Ken Goodman

  • Is DIBELS Leading Us Down the Wrong Path?, Robert J. Tierney and Elizabeth Thome

  • How DIBELS failed Alabama, A Research Report, Susan Seay

  • DIBELS: Not Justifiable, Maryann Manning, Constance Kamii, & Tsuguhiko Kato

  • Appendix: A brief summary of each Sub-Test in DIBELS

    Companion to the book is the DIBELS Clearinghouse

    In the spirit of grassroots activism and the regeneration of teacher professionalism (and with the generosity of Ken Goodman), The Vermont Society for the Study of Education (VSSE) is selling the book for the price of shipping and handling. Send $5.95 to

    P. O. Box 186
    Brandon, VT 05733


    Lisa Laser said...

    Update on the anti-dibels book:
    Heinemann publishers has taken on the job of publishing "Examing DIBELS." The new title is, "The Truth about DIBELS: what it is, what it does." It now has a forward by P.David Pearson (Dean of the College of Education at UC Berkeley) and a CD with a PowerPoint presentation. You can buy it at
    Thanks,Lisa Laser

    NO said...

    Thanks for the great news Lisa! JF