Saturday, February 05, 2005

We Need Your Help -

Got lots of thoughts from a lot of reading but...Here is what my partner Linda and I want to do with our site. We want to turn it into the of Anti-NCLB. We want to get an on-line petition going and let Washington know that millions of teachers and parents are totally against NCLB and how it is structured now. The problem is we are both busy teachers and not particularly tech savvy. Also there would be the money piece, especially if it meant buying and running a server. Can you help in any way? Please let us know. And thanks.

And here are three great articles to ponder:

The first is an oldie but goodie from Stephen Metcalf from The Nation

Another great one from The Black Commentator: Bribes + Vouchers = Black bush Supporters

And here is a great blog on charter schools and reintegration.

I have a lot more on my mind. I'll be back when there's time.

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Joe Thomas said...

Do NOT give up!

Find the time to post. Find the time to read other sites. Do not get discouraged.


Keep the faith!