Monday, March 14, 2005

I Cannot Believe It Has Been Almost A Week -

No, I can't. Life gets busy. I really would like to write every day or almost every day but it gets difficult to squeeze it in. I do have a lot to share:

is a great speech by David G. Stratman from 1997. Not much has changed since then. He believes that modern education reform is all about taking more power from the people and making them afraid and insecure, thus giving more power over their lives to the corporations. I am afraid I am becoming more and more a believer. If you follow the link on the this speech it will lead you to New Democracy World. This is Mr. Stratman's site. Here he calls for a revolution from the ballot box. Boy do I agree with this! If we could only get the general public to take their blinders off to see that they are getting royally screwed by the current corporate led system.

Meanwhile, the Black Commentator continues to try to keep the blinders from decending on the black community. The lead article is something they have talked about before, the current administration's attempt to "create" new "leaders" for the African American Community. Follow one of the links in this article and you will be able to read an older article about the history of vouchers and the connection to segregation and racism. There is all kinds of great stuff in the commentator. read it and pass the word around.

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