Saturday, March 26, 2005

Thanks to Joe at Shut Up and -

Joe reminds us that even though conservatives would have us believe that vouchers would help to give better schools to the poor, virtually all studies tells us that vouchers do a good job of subsidizing those that already attend private and religious schools. In Arizona, a recent study found, " ... that of the 57,000 recipients of tax money in 2002 for private and religious school tuition, 55,000 were students already in private and religious schools (Tucson Citizen, 6/23/04). Less than 4% of the students getting tax dollars to attend these schools are the ones voucher advocates said the law would help..."

While you are out in the blogosphere be sure to stop by The Super's Blog for some great political satire, but while your there scroll down to the article about the business roundtable getting some things right. He's got a point.

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