Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Ad -

As I said below, this is another commentary from Ohanian's site. This time from Gerald Bracey. To quote Susan, "Here is a fascinating account of the flap and the chicanery surrounding the publication of a New York Times article about a report on charter schools."

This is all about the analysis that AFT did on charter schools using the NAEP data that NAEP refused to release for a long while. This is the same data discussed in our March 31 post. After the times article came out the conservative education community went nuts, to the point of spending $125,000 to refute the analysis. That is a lot of money to refute a little article. Must be important to them. Anyway, read what Bracey has to say, especially if you have a doubt that this is all about making money off of American public education.

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