Thursday, April 07, 2005

Wal-Mart Prepares to Bury Opposition Under Wall of Money -

This is form the Black Commentator and is dated from about a week back. (Article by Glen Ford and Peter Gamble, Co-Publishers, originally appeared in In These Times.)

Thanks to An Old Soul for helping me to remember to read this great site.

This is another one of those scary articles. According BC the extreme right wing Waltom family foundation is preparing to dump $20 billion dollars inot marketing , promoting and fund their voucher/privatizing agenda.

"The obscenely rich Waltons aren’t slumming, but rather, are pursuing a super-cynical, fiendishly clever, grand strategy on the way to final victory: destruction of the public is a mistake to view school privatization in vulgar market terms. That’s not how the denizens of Right-funded think tanks…think.

The public schools are by far the most pervasive public institutions – social spaces – in American society. Therefore, they must be made fully subservient to private capital. To the world-coveters of the Waltons’ class (all several hundred of them, plus their legions of hirelings), public education is more an obstacle than a potential convertible asset."

"In the here and now, two forces stand in the way of total corporate hegemony over U.S. political life: Black American voters and organized labor, particularly the teachers unions..."

And vouchers, NCLB and $20 billion should get them to their goals. I hope not..

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