Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Education Industry: The Corporate Takeover of Public Schools --

<>by Julie Light, CorpWatch
July 8th, 1998
I was looking at the hits that this blog has gotten and noticed that someone had arrived here via a search on google for"privatizing education. ( An interesting search by the way. You should give it a try.) When I tried that search I found this site, which I will link to. It is an important site. I found this from 1998. It's still relevant. The last paragraph sums it all up nicely:

For more than a decade conservatives have been organizing around school reform, tapping into parents' and teachers' real concern with the lack of educational options. Corporations have seized on the opening provided by educators' and families' frustration with the lack of school resources. Parents, teachers and students can roll back the corporate take over of education, but only if they offer an alternative vision. One in which corporations pay taxes instead of getting free advertising and tax write-offs for donated promotional materials; one in which school systems do not abandon students to for-profit companies, and one in which educational choice is a basic right for all families, not just a few.

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