Monday, May 02, 2005

Read Joe Thomas''s stuff for May 1 -

Joe over at posted a lot of really good stuff yesterday. Check it out!

The lead off article:

"A new six-year study by School of Education researchers shows that elementary students in Houston, Texas, consistently performed better when they were taught by certified teachers rather than by instructors lacking formal preparation...

The study concluded that TFA recruits do not educate students as well as teachers who have received rigorous methodological instruction and practice. Darling-Hammond has criticized programs such as TFA as "a band-aid on a bleeding sore," and argues that long-term, comprehensive solutions are needed to end educational inequity nationwide."

Is anyone surprised here?


Budget Cuts Education for 1st Time in 10 Years

No Child Left Behind Comes Up Short Again

Congress adopted a budget resolution last night that cuts funding for public education for the first time in a decade, choosing to ignore teachers, education support professionals, parents and other voters who say that investing in public schools must be a national priority. The resolution uses President Bush's education funding total, resulting in a net cut of $130 million.

And be sure to check out the two articles on NCLB: Revolt Grows over NCLB and Spellings Fails to Quell Growing NCLB Rebellion. Check it out.

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