Thursday, December 08, 2005

The New Advocate is Out and NCLB Resistance Appears to be Growing ---

Welcome back Joe. Glad to see you are up and at it again! Checkout the New Advocate. Great reading as always including a another must read for this blog. The second part of this post has to do with these four articles: Lakewood Board of Education Takes a Stand; School administrators bash No Child at town hall meeting; School laws blasted; Change 'No Child Left Behind' law, panelists say. Two are from the Chicago area and two are from Ohio. School administrators, superintendents, school boards, educators, parents and students are speaking out against NCLB. All in a two day period. There will be more and more of these, just you wait and see.

From the last article about the panelists come these:

  • Teaching "to the test" gets in the way of creative instruction and impedes learning.
  • Struggling schools need more resources, both through federal funding and from business and community organizations.
  • Greater weight should be given to individual student progress.
  • High-stakes testing should be replaced by diagnostic tests that show students' strengths and weaknesses.
  • School administrators should make schools more inviting to parents, to better meet the parental involvement section of NCLB.
  • Students and parents themselves should be held accountable for their work and actions, rather than placing all responsibility on schools and districts.
  • Standards should remain high, but more help should be given to help students meet standards.
  • Funding should be available to increase early literacy.

  • It would be a good start.

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