Monday, January 09, 2006

A Must Read Blog

It occurred to me today that I check this blog two or three times a day every day. I consider this a must read. Written by Jim Horn a professor of teacher education, I believe, at Monmouth University in New Jersey, and a student of his Judy Rabin. Recent posts include:

Poor Students Pay for Katrina,
How do these guys sleep at night?

Here's an interesting take on the budgetary priorities of our elected officials you won't find on CNN. Chairman of the Education Committee calls for deeper cuts?


Tightening the Noose on Teachers

As pressure mounts under NCLB's impossible mandates, teaching to the test is fast becoming the mantra of know-nothing and dangerous politicians like Republican State Senator Teresa S. Lubbers, of Indianapolis who equates raising test scores with learning. She has introduced a bill in the Indiana legislature that ties ISTEP to teacher ratings.


Targeting Colleges of Ed
An enemy generally says and believes what he wishes
-- Thomas Jefferson

Out to destroy the last bastion of liberal or progressive thinking, George Will gets on board with Horowitz and Tierney in an attack on professors and specifically on colleges of ed. This is a new low even for Newsweek.


"Stereotype Threat" -- A New Phenomenon?,
Tampa Tribune -- January 8, 2006

by Adam Emerson St. Petersburg

The message is everywhere, black students say: You perform far worse than your white classmates, especially on high-stakes tests.

And much, much more. Check it out!

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